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Our specialization in the field of foreign education, places the student on the right career path at the right educational institute. We are the step-ladder to studying undergraduates and working professionals of skilled and non-skilled backgrounds.

Study Visa

In general, citizens of a country outside the United States who would like to move to in the United States must first obtain an entry visa, which could be an immigrant visa that is non-immigrant for a temporary stays, or an immigrant visa to allow permanent residency. You need an academic visa in order to pursue your studies at a university in America. United States.

How to Apply

There are many steps to take to apply for a visa. The order in which these steps are completed and the method of completing the process may differ.

Completion of your Online Visa Application

  • online nonimmigrant visa application Form DS-160 Find out more information about how to fill out the DS-160. It is required to:
  • 1.) submit the online visa application and 2)) take a printout of the confirmation page to bring with you to your interview.
  • Photo-You will upload your image when you fill out the online form.

Schedule an interview

It is recommended to schedule an appointment for the Visa interview within the nation in which you reside. You can schedule your appointment at a different Embassy or Consulate however, keep in mind that you might be more difficult for you to be eligible to apply for visas outside the country in which you reside.

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